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Subdivision of strengths of stainless steel screws

DIN ISO 3506 has summarised the recommended steel grades for fasteners. It is virtually only austenitic stainless steel A2 which is used here. On the other hand chrome nickel steels from steel group A4 tend to be used for very high corrosion requirements. Tab. 11 is based on screw connections made from austenitic steel in terms of mechanical strength values.


Mechanical properties of fasteners - austenitic steel grades


Tab. 11: Extract from DIN EN ISO 3506-1

1)The tensile stress is calculated with reference to the tensile stress area (see DIN EN ISO 3506-1).



2)The elongation at fracture should be calculated according to 7.2.4 at the corresponding screw length and not on the turned samples. d is the nominal diameter.