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The Inox World Competitive Advantage

At Inox World, we’re not just interested in the quick sale; we want to be your one-stop, full-service partner for all your stainless steel fastener and hardware needs.  We’re convinced that our approach is superior to that of our competitors, and these are the reasons why:

Competitive Prices:  Our staff will always seek to offer the best price for the items you need. 

2. In-House Logistics:  Inox World keeps a wide selection of fasteners in stock to ensure a quick turn-around between placing your order and receiving your shipment.  Our own fleet of delivery vehicles ensures we control every aspect of delivery

3. Payment Flexibility:  Our sales team will work to provide both a range of payment options as well as convenient payment terms.

4. Individual Approach:  Every customer has different needs and we make a point of understanding how we can best meet those requirements.

5. Proven Experience: Our affiliates’ ten year experience in the industry means we know our product and market well. 

6. Partners:  Our vast network of suppliers, producers and manufacturers helps us to receive the discounts we need to maintain our competitive pricing.